Who Is Dan Whittle? Anne Boleyn Actress Amy James Kelly's Partner In Real Life

Amy James Kelly's new Netflix series will premiere on November 23, 2022
Amy James Kelly's new Netflix series will premiere on November 23, 2022( Source : instagram )

Amy James Kelly's partner is Danny "Dan" Whittle and he is a unit manager in Television Drama and Feature Film.

Amy James Kelly is a British actress born on 15 November 1995. Amy was originally from Antrim, Northern Ireland and later moved to England as a child.

Before being settled down in Failsworth, she spent the 1st year of her life in Catterick, North Yorkshire. She is popularly known for making her appearance as Maddie Ivy Health in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. She has also appeared on the Netflix series Safe (2018), Military Wives (2019), and the BBC One drama called 'Three Families' (2021).

Amy plays the role of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII's wife in the latest Netflix series premiering on 23 November 2022. She will be starring with actors Max Parker and Adam Astill.

She is an exemplary woman who defied the rules in every sense. She plays the role of a woman who acts as a reformist whose feminist views forever changed the course of history. The movie shows the ill-fated love story of the couple that leads to Anne's shocking demise.

Who is Dan Whittle?

Dan Whittle is the real-life partner of actress Amy James Kelly. He is a unite manager working in Television Drama and Feature Film.

Amy may have played many romantic roles with her on-screen actors but in real life, she is deeply in love with Dan Whittle. Dan likes to maintain the confidentiality of his identity and doesn't share his information on social media platforms. Therefore, no detailed information about him is disclosed.

On the other hand, Amy has not hidden anything about the relationship between her and her boyfriend, Dan. We can assume Dan is an actor and a unit manager by looking at Amy's Instagram post where she mentions Dan as the same. Amy regularly posts cute pictures of them being together.

Amy shares picture with her boyfriend, Dan during their trip to Ireland
Amy shares picture with her boyfriend, Dan during their trip to Ireland ( Source : instagram )

Recently, Amy posted a picture of the two together visiting Ireland. She looks very excited and happy as she is on a trip with her other half in her hometown. The couple seems to enjoy each other's company and looks like they love to travel. The couple has not shared their further plans of marriage but looking at their closeness and bond with each other, we hope the two will tie the knot soon. 

10 Facts on Amy and Her Partner Dan Whittle

  1. Amy and Dan used to be friends before they started dating officially.
  2. Dan Whittle prefers not to share much about his personal life and likes to maintain privacy in his social media account. So his detailed information cannot be found on the internet.
    Amy with her real life partner Dan Whittle
    Amy with her real life partner Dan Whittle ( Source : instagram )
  3. He is active on Instagram under the username @whittledanny. But his account his private and only the one he accepts can follow him. He has a total of 173 posts but we cannot see his photos. Amy is his opposite, who loves to share pictures of the couple. Recently, Amy and Dan enjoyed their trip to Ireland. 
  4. His partner Amy recently shared the video of their trip to Ireland on her Instagram page. She seems very happy as she is traveling to her hometown with her love. 
  5. Her debut role was in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street as Maddie Heath. Amy worked for 18 months in the role of Maddie Heath for the soap opera 'Coronation Street'.
  6. His partner Amy suffered from endometriosis and had her surgery done. She started filming for 'The Bay' after some weeks of endometriosis surgery.
    Amy on Walkathon during awareness event on Endometriosis
    Amy on Walkathon during awareness event on Endometriosis ( Source : instagram )

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