Percy Jackson Cast Jay Duplass' Net Worth and Family

Jay Duplass acted as Hades in Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Jay Duplass acted as Hades in Percy Jackson and the Olympians( Source : primetimer )

Jay Duplass is an actor cast in the Disney movie Percy Jackson and has a net worth of over $1 Million.

He is an actor, director and producer starred as a greek god in the movie. "Percy Jackson" is the new and upcoming Disney+ series. In September 2022, Disney released the teaser of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This series is based on the book by Rick Riordan named, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Jay will act as Head of Dead Guy Hades, who is the god of the Underworld. This character tells him as an outcast who has a grievance for past wrongs. As for his role, "Hades feels like he has been rejected by his family and has a wrong conception of his family." Then he has bitterness toward his family members. He plays the role of the elder brother of Zeus.

Jay Duplass Net Worth

Jay Duplass is an American filmmaker, actor, and author who has a net worth of over $1 Million, according to Wikispro.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on March 7, 1973, Jay is well known for his films The Puffy Chair (2005), and more.

He is one of the most famous and wealthier Directors. His film career is connected with the American Crime Comedy Raising Arizona. This movie helps him to achieve a career in this field. He had been seen producing, directing, and acting in different movies.

Some of his movies are The Do- Deca Pentathlon (2012), Cyrus (2010), The Puff Chair (2005), Baghead (2008), and many more. He is still acting, producing, and directing movies.

He has also played in television like Togetherness (2015-2016), Evil Genius (2018), Shook (2019), Search Party (2020), Cinema Toast (2021, Somebody Somewhere (2022).

He has also won different awards featuring different titles In 2018, He Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series.

Jay Duplass in Emmy Award Function
Jay Duplass in Emmy Award Function ( Source : decider )

Jay Duplass's revenue from his top movies:

  • The movie "Cyrus" in 2010 cost $7 million to produce and brought in $7.4 million.
  • "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in 2010 had a budget of $68 Million and grossed over $300 Million. 

The production budget for the Percy Jackson movie was $95 million and its gross income was $226.4 million as per Wikipedia. Jay Duplass has not mentioned his money from the movie Percy Jackson and other top roles.

Jay Duplass' Brother Mark Duplass and His Net Worth

Jay Duplass' brother Mark Duplass is also an actor, writer, and filmmaker who has a net worth of $12 Million, according to Celebritynetworth.

Mark was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., on December 7, 1976. As of 2022, he is 45 years old. He is an American actor, writer, filmmaker, and musician as well.

Mark Duplass as a director
Mark Duplass as a director ( Source : ecthehub )

Mark Duplass has been working with his brother Jay Duplass and has directed many movies like The Puffy Chair (2005), Cyrus (2010), Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2012), and many more. They also started a film production company in 1996.

He is well known for movies like "Tully," "Humpday," and "Paddleton." He also received Emmy Award for his actions in "The Morning Show" in 2020. He has also devoted his time to writing the TV series. 

Along with film and television, he has also performed in many bands, as he is also a singer and a keyboard player.

As both Jay and Mark are involved in the same field, they both have accumulated huge net worth.

Mark is comparatively more successful elder brother. He started his career earlier than Jay so he has more experience in this field.

The HBO series
The HBO series "Togetherness" co-directed by Duplass Brothers ( Source : cnbc )

Jay Duplass Wife Jennifer Tracy-Duplass

Jennifer Tracy Duplass is a social worker better known as the wife of Jay Duplass.

She was born and raised in the United States and belongs to a Mexican heritage. She can speak both English and Spanish perfectly. She is around 53 years old. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Southern California at the age of 23 in 1993.

Jay Duplass with his wife Jennifer Tracy Duplasss
Jay Duplass with his wife Jennifer Tracy Duplasss ( Source : wifebio )

Jennifer Tracy Duplass works as a medical social worker at Huntington Hospital. She has also been engaged in many other organizations to help people to get proper health care. In 2018, she also helped her husband to write his autobiography, "Like Brothers." She has also worked as Human Resources, Volunteer, and Education Coordinator.

Duplass and Jennifer Tracy Duplass married in 2001 after having a longtime relationship with each other. They had only invited their close friends and relatives to their marriage ceremony.

The couple has two children; the elder one is a daughter born in 2008, and the younger one is a son born in 2012. They are 14 and 10 years old now. They have not told their children's names and other details publicly.

Jay Duplass bought his new house in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California. And, he lives there with his family members.

Jay Duplass update of his new house
Jay Duplass update of his new house ( Source : dirt )

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