Everything On Jon Gosselin Brothers Mark Gosselin And Tom Gosselin

Jon Gosselin taking selfie with his brother Tom
Jon Gosselin taking selfie with his brother Tom( Source : instagram )

Jon Gosselin brothers Mark Gosselin and Tom Gosselin are self employed real estate professionals.

Jon is a 45-year-old American television personality born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Pamela And Thomas Gosselin. He is known for his reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, and their eight children. He has two brothers, Mark and Tom. 

He dated Liz Jannetta for two years, a divorced mother of three children. They broke up after appearing on a reality show, Couples Therapy. Later, he married Kate, but their marriage did not last long. Jon stated that it was Kate who wanted a divorce. The couple separated, but their love for their children did not. 

He has a big family. Both of his brothers are self-employed and involved in actual world activities. Unlike Jon, his brothers are not television personalities.

Jon Gosselin Younger Brother Mark Is A Contractor

Jon Gosselin's younger brother Mark Gosselin is a self-employed general contractor and remodeler from Pennsylvania, United States. 

On June 26, 2020, Jon posted a picture with his brothers Mark and Tom, wishing Mark the best wishes for his birthday. It was Mark's 40th birthday a year ago, which means Mark is 42 years old now. Mark is not on Instagram, but he is active on Linkedin.

Mark went to Reading Area Community College in 2014 to study Associate of Arts and additionally Addiction Prevention and Treatment. In the field of contraction, he has more than two years of experience. In December 2017, Mark worked as a program assistant at Inperium, Inc. for four years and six months. Later, he dropped into the center for Mental Health Case Management.

Also, Mark worked as a certified recovery specialist in Transitions in Recovery for five years and nine months in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. Moreover, as per his Linkedin account, he is a self-naloxone-certified individual.

Mark has been a part of many other activities and has connections with many contractors.

Mark Gosselin with his brothers Jon and Tom on his birthday
Mark Gosselin with his brothers Jon and Tom on his birthday ( Source : instagram )

Jon Gosselin Brother Tom Works As A Realtor

Jon Gosselin's elder brother, Tom Gosselin, is a professional realtor. 

Jon wishes his elder brother Tom his 50th birthday on September 01. Jon uploaded a picture on Instagram two years ago, meaning Tom is now 53. 

On September 24, 2020, Tom posted a selfie of himself with his customers and expressed his happiness to be their realtor. He said his best wishes for their new house and thanked them for being great agents.

Tom Gosselin happily taking selfie with his agents
Tom Gosselin happily taking selfie with his agents ( Source : instagram )

Tom is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Tara Miller Hart. He uploads a picture of two of them on Instagram and expresses his love for Tara in the caption. On October 02, the couple completed their one year of being together. Tom said that it brings him peace and comfort. He thanked her for always being there. 

Tom Gosselin with girlfriend Tara on one year of togetherness
Tom Gosselin with girlfriend Tara on one year of togetherness ( Source : instagram )

Jon Gosselin's Parents Are Pamela And Thomas Gosselin

Jon Gosselin's parents are Pamela Gosselin Castello and and Thomas Gosselin. 

Netizens are eager to know the parents of the famous television personality Jon Gosselin. Thomas Gosselin was a pediatric dentist of French, Welsh, and Irish descent. He died on January 13, 2005. Pamela Castello, his mother, was born and raised in Hawaii as a second-generation Korean American.

Jon and his brothers have kept the details of their parents private and have not disclosed much about them. 

Jon Has Eight Kids With His Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate separated many years ago. They have eight kids together and appear in the television show called Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

In an interview, Jon accused his wife of stealing $100,000 from the bank accounts of two of their kids, and she purchased a lakeside house worth $750,000 the same year in North Carolina. Kate confirmed that she made two withdrawals from her kid's trust accounts, but it was to meet the children's expenses. Jon said that it is morally wrong and does not support this.

The divorce was finalized in December 2009. The custody of the children was given to the mother. Though the couple shared physical custody, Jon claimed in January 2016 that he had not seen all of his children in three years.

Later, Jon and Kate gained popularity from their show Jon & Kate Plus 8, and netizens were captivated by their relationship, which often included arguments between them over raising their eight children.

A glimpse of Jon & Kate Plus 8 television show
A glimpse of Jon & Kate Plus 8 television show ( Source : eonline )

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