The Lost Patient Cast and Ending Explained As The Movie Lands on Netflix

French thriller The Lost Patient released on Netflix
French thriller The Lost Patient released on Netflix( Source : firstpost )

The Lost Patient is a recently released Netflix movie full of drama, mystery, and thriller. 

The Lost Patient cast includes Txomin Vergez, Clotilde Hesme, Rebecca William, Audrey Dana, Stephane Rideau, Matthieu Lucci, Alex Lawther, and more.

The storyline of the movie is about a 19-year-old boy Thomas wakes up after a coma in the hospital after 3 years. He does not remember anything. The psychologist, Anna, tells him his family has been murdered, and he was the only survivor of the massacre while his sister Laura is missing. It is a French movie. 

The Lost Patient tackles how the brain creates or distorts reality especially when a person undergoes trauma. In the case of Thomas, he has to figure out which events are real and which are augmented. 

The Lost Patient Netflix Cast

1. Txomin Vergez as Thomas Grimaud

Txomin Vergez is cast as the main lead Thomas Grimaud
Txomin Vergez is cast as the main lead Thomas Grimaud ( Source : instagram )

Txomin Vergez plays the main lead 'Thomas Grimaud' in The Lost Patient. Thomas is a 19-year-old boy who wakes up in a hospital after three years in a coma.

He does not remember anything, and life gets more challenging. Thomas gets multiple panic attacks and visions of someone trying to stalk or kill him. It will be thrilling and suspicious how he will overcome it.  

Txomin Vergez is a multi-talented French actor well-known for C a Vous (2009) and The Lost Patient (2020). He comes from a reputed family. At 26, Txomin had his first acting experience in a television series.

2. Clotilde Hesme as Anna Kieffer

Clotilde Hesme is cast as Anna Kieffer
Clotilde Hesme is cast as Anna Kieffer ( Source : instagram )

Clotilde Hesme is playing the role of Anna Kieffer, who is a therapist. Anna itself is a big boon in the movie.

Anna is an excellent portrayal of how a therapist should be. Anna sticks by Thomas and assists him in unraveling the truth so that Thomas can start a new life. Anna tries to hide the fact from Thomas, keeping his health a priority.

Clotilde Hesme was born in July 30 1979. She is a French actress well-known for her roles in Phillippe Garrel's Regular Lovers and Alice in Christophe Honore's Love Songs. Also, she is known for Las Revenants, a television series.

3. Rebecca Williams as Laura

Rebecca Williams is cast as Laura
Rebecca Williams is cast as Laura ( Source : instagram )

Rebecca Williams is portrayed as Laura in The Lost Patient. Laura Grimaud is a natural person, but the person represented as Laura is not accurate.

Grimaud lost their 10-year-old daughter, Laura. Laura's character is the character of a particular girl whom Thomas remembered when he woke up from the coma. Thomas was told that Laura was missing; what would he do now?

Rebecca Williams is a Canadian actress and corporate manager. She immigrated to Canada at the age of 4.

She was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom, on July 28, 1988. Rebecca went to Malvern Collegiate Institute. She is well-known for Forrest Gump (1994),  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), and Mute Love (1999)

Other cast members include:

  • Audrey Dana
  • Stephane Rideau
  • Matthieu Lucci
  • Alex Lawther
  • Baptiste Carrion-Weiss
  • Raphael Sergio
  • Karine Martin-Preval
  • Laurie Fangeon
  • Sara Touboul
  • Eva Murin 
  • Leonard Signoret
  • Marion Maurel
  • Valentin Dupic
  • Amelie Prevot

The Lost Patient Plot Review and Ending

There is a revelation in the final act of The Lost Patient that seems particularly proud of. But once again, the jagged flow and sudden conclusion make things more frustrating and do little to redeem the film.

Thomas, who has struggled for years with a mental illness, kills his parents and his cousin Dylan in a fit of wrath. Thomas, who has never experienced parental love, develops into a violent adolescent who uses violence against his parents and other people to deal with his pain. Anna, on either hand, thinks that Thomas could have been an excellent young man if his issues had been identified early.

The only thing we see in the end is Thomas tied up and lying on the hospital bed. Anna stays by his side as a sign of hope for him to start a new life as he finally understands that he destroyed his family. 

The Lost Patient plot twist and ending is astonishing
The Lost Patient plot twist and ending is astonishing ( Source : leisurebyte )

The Lost Patient Release Date and Trailer

The Lost Patient is already out on Netflix from November 25, 2022. The genre of this movie is drama, mystery, and thriller.

It is a French movie with English subtitles. The trailer has been released on the official channel of Netflix on YouTube.

Watch the trailer below:

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