What Is Poker Face Thriller Movie Actress Lynn Gilmartin's Net Worth?

Lynn Gilmartin in the premiere of Poker Face held in Sydney at the Entertainment Quarter, at 7 pm
Lynn Gilmartin in the premiere of Poker Face held in Sydney at the Entertainment Quarter, at 7 pm( Source : twitter )

Lynn Gilmartin is an actress, former poker player and presenter who has a net worth of $1 Million. Here's How. 

Poker Face 2022 cast Lynn Gilmartin is an Australian actress, TV Sponsor, and popular TV host born on November 3, 1984, in Dublin, Ireland.

She is well known for her anchoring on World Poker Tour and is also the best actress and has played in several movies like Trauma Center, The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, and How Do You Know Chris? She was introduced to the Australian Poker Hall of Fame in January 2020. 

She is currently appearing on Poker Face 2022. Poker Face is a movie written and directed by Russell Crowe. The film is available to purchase on VOD on November 22, 2022. She is playing the role of Allison Foley. 

Lynn Gilmartin's Net Worth

Lynn Gilmartin is an Australian actress and World Poker Tour TV host who has an estimated net worth of $1 million, Playersbio reports.

As per Wiki Magazine, she earned $100 thousand as a salary in the 2010s as a TV host. But her main income source is her acting career. Lynn Gilmartin was interested in acting from a young age and wanted to be an actress. She mostly spends her leisure time watching movies. 

She started her career being the first female reporter for Pokernews.com and Pokerstars. Tv. in 2009. As a reporter, she does report on the World Series of Poker, Latin American Poker Tour, European Poker tour, and many others related to Poker.

She began her film career in 2018 with the movie Museo, where she plays the role of Gemma. She has also devoted her acting in many other movies like This Little Love of Mine(2020), plays the role of Gem Bailey, The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee(2020), the role of TV Host, and How Do You Know Chris? (2020) the role of Dot, Trauma Center(2019) the role of nurse crystal. 

Lynn Gilmartin well known for Poker show, tour reporting and anchoring
Lynn Gilmartin well known for Poker show, tour reporting and anchoring ( Source : casinochecking )

Poker Career:

Lynn Gilmartin is a good poker player. In the year 2009, she played her first poker game. In April 2011, Lynn participated in Peru's Latin American Poker Tour. And she won the European Poker Tour Women's Event, held in Barcelona, Spain, in 2015. 

In July 2017, she earned money for the first time at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, gaining 49th position. In 2018, June she took part in the Aria 2018 Poker Classic in Las Vegas. 

She has placed herself in the 1205th position in terms of popularity. She is best for her playful way of presenting in front of others.

Lynn Gilmartin's Popular Movies:

Christmas on the Farm(2021)Acted as Clementine Jones
Dive Club(2021)Acted as Pirate Queen
This Little Love of Mine(2021)Acted as Gem
Kidnapped(2021)Acted as Gabby
The Very Excellent Mr. DundeeActed as TV Host
Trauma Center(2019)Acted as Coroner Nurse Crystal
Poker Face(2022)Acted as Allison Foley

The 2018 movie name Museo earned $148,505 in the U.S. and $613,779 globally. Similarly, the 2019 movie Trauma Center earned $92,968 in the U.S.

Lynn Gilmartin's Husband Angel Guillen

Lynn Gilmartin's husband is Angel Guillen. He is a professional poker player and World Poker Tour Mexico Commentator. 

He is a former World Series of Poker Stars team player and winner. He is of Mexican nationality. 

The 39 years old player was born in Mexico City in in 1983. He and his wife Lynn started dating together in 2010 and are together for over 12 years.

He loves playing chess, reading books, and traveling to different places in his free time. He also enjoys chess along with poker. He has 2837 followers and 96 posts on his Instagram account.

Angel Guillen and Lynn Gilmartin gave birth to their child, Bodhi Angel Guillen.

Angel Guillen with his beautiful wife Lynn Gilmartin and baby Bodhi Angel Guillen
Angel Guillen with his beautiful wife Lynn Gilmartin and baby Bodhi Angel Guillen ( Source : pimiso )

Here, Bodhi refers to the "wisdom tree." The baby will be one year in this July 2022. 

Angel Guillen's Net Worth:

Angel Guillen is a professional Poker Player who has a net worth of around $1 Million, according to Coosports.se.

His salary as of 2022 is approximately $301,612. Talking about his career, At the World Series of Poker in 2009, he won a gold bracelet as the second Mexican National.

He started his series finish in Event 13, with a second-place. Nine days later, he won event number 32 and made up for his second place. He earns a total of $840,000 from both events. 

Net Worth History of Angel Guillen:

YearNet Worth

Angel Guillen expressing his ideas and hopes for a new poker stars
Angel Guillen expressing his ideas and hopes for a new poker stars ( Source : pokernews )

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