5 Facts On Andrew Shue Son Nathaniel William Shue

Nathaniel William Shue, the eldest son of an American actor Andrew Shue.
Nathaniel William Shue, the eldest son of an American actor Andrew Shue.( Source : imdb )

Nathaniel William Shue is the eldest son of Andrew Shue and Jennifer Hageney. He is a 26-year-old footballer and actor.

Shue's father Andrew is an actor best known for his role in a TV series called 'Melrose Place. Apart from being an actor, he has spent some of his time as a professional soccer player.

He is also the co-founder of a social networking website called CafeMom. He is a multitalented personality who is known globally as an actor, player, and entrepreneur.

The Washington-based actor had 3 children with his former wife Jennifer Hageney who is a floral designer. They got separated after having three boys. Nathaniel William Shue is the eldest of three sons. 

Following the path of his father, he is also trying to build his career as an actor and he is interested in playing soccer at the same time. Let's have a look at five quick facts about Nathaniel William Shue.

1. Andrew Shue Son Nathaniel William Shue Is A Football Player

Nathaniel William Shue is a football player who plays as a right back position for the Highlanders Football Giants Club.

As his father was also a soccer player, it was influential for him to have an interest in the game. He was actively involved in football as a highlander player. His father hired a trainer for him whose name is Bosso. Andrew was always supportive of his son's passion.

During 2015 and 2016, Nathaniel was trained for Bulawayo Highlanders in Zimbabwe. He had a big craze for sports so he participated in several games with his team.

In 2017, he began to play for Santa Clara Broncos as a Division 1 Soccer player from a club called Player Development Academy. His first sports team however was All-New Jersey where he played both as a junior and a senior. Following his passion for the sport, in 2019, he started playing as a Redshirt freshman and succeed to enter in the Redshirt senior team. He was a forward and midfield player on his team. He was also awarded with the title 'Player of the year' as a senior.

His interest in playing soccer led him to become a self-employed soccer coach and he is working as one since July 2020.

Nathaniel William playing soccer.
Nathaniel William playing soccer. ( Source : ecelebritymirror )

2. Nathaniel William Shue Is 26 Years Old

Nathaniel William Shue is 26 years old. He was born on 1st August 1996, in Los Angeles, California.

Sue started playing for the football team as a professional at the age of around 18 years old. Aidan is his brother who is just two years younger than him. They both play soccer for the same team.

He studied at Princeton High School and joined Blair Academy. In 2020, he got his degree in Theatre and communications from Santa Clara University. At that point in time, he was 24 years old.

Young Nathaniel William Shue at the age of 26.
Young Nathaniel William Shue at the age of 26. ( Source : imdb )

3. He Debuted As A Child Actor At The Age of 10

Nathaniel William Shue was only 10 years old when he acted in a movie called 'Gracie'.

He played as a child actor in a movie that was produced by his father. The lead role of Coach Owen Clark was also played by Andrew Shue. Since the movie he has not appeared in any other projects since he is busy pursuing his goals as a soccer player.

However, he has not completely stayed out of acting. During his college days, he participated in many live dramas including, a contemporary wall street drama. He ended up playing the lead character of Rick in a stage drama produced by his university called 'Dry Powder'. The play was written by Sarah Burgess.

Nathaniel William Shue made his acting debut at the age of 10.
Nathaniel William Shue made his acting debut at the age of 10. ( Source : imdb )

4. He Has Four Siblings Two Brother and Two Half Sisters

Nathaniel is the elder son of a family of 5 children.

His father Andrew is married to two women from which Nathaniel has got four siblings. Two of his brothers are from the same mother Jennifer; Aiden Shue and Wyatt Shue. Ava Mclntosh and Analise Mclntosh are his half-sisters from his stepmother Amy Robach. Despite being step-children, the siblings have a great bond of love for each other. 

His brother Aiden Shue was born in 1999 and Wyatt is 18 years old in 2022. His half-sister Ava was born in 2002 and Anne was born in 2006.

Nathaniel's father Andrew Shue and step mother Amy Robach.
Nathaniel's father Andrew Shue and step mother Amy Robach. ( Source : people )

5. Nathaniel William Sue Mother Is Jennifer Hageney

Nathaniel William Shue was born to Andrew and his former wife Jennifer Hageney. She is a floral designer.

The designer and the actor got divorced after a decade-long relationship with each other. After getting their ways apart in 2008, the couple is no longer living together. Jennifer is taking care of the three sons from her former husband. Nathaniel is grown up with his mother.

Andrew on the other hand is married to Good morning America's anchor, Amy Robach. After getting divorced Andrew is still on good terms with his sons. Although they are not sharing the same roof together, he is taking good care of his children and makes a lot of time to spend quality time with his three sons alongside his present wife and her two daughters. Each of them seems to have good vibes with the other.

Andrew Shue and Jennifer Hageney spoted at Airport.
Andrew Shue and Jennifer Hageney spoted at Airport. ( Source : gettyimages )

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