Riley Shanahan Wife Harriette Feliz Is An Artist

Riley Shanahan and Harriette Feliz at The Theatre of Ace Hotel DTLA
Riley Shanahan and Harriette Feliz at The Theatre of Ace Hotel DTLA( Source : instagram )

Harriette Feliz is an artist and the would-be wife of actor Riley Shanahan. They got engaged in November 2021 after dating for eight years.

Shanahan is famous for playing the character of Robotman in DC's Doom Patrol. He has appeared in several television series, films, and shorts, such as DC's Legend of Tomorrow, Four Walls, I Am Easy To Find, The Gender Card Flip, and many more.

Besides acting, he is also a writer and teacher. As a writer, he occasionally posts stories and poems on his blog. Riley and his partner Harriette have worked together in the short film Breakdown. 

Riley Shanahan Future Wife Harriette Feliz

Harriette Feliz is a professional theatre artist. She is soon to become Riley Shanahan wife as the couple got engaged in November 2021. 

Feliz is a trained artist. She has received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Cornish College of the Arts, and her major was musical theater. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2015.

Before she joined college, she studied performance, voice, movement, and the craft of acting at the Pacific Conservatory Theater. During the two years of training, she took workshops with Tony Award-winning creators and studied classical acting and theater history.

She also learned skills like communication, public speaking, and working in a team. She has performed on stage numerous times and has appeared in a television show as well.

Harriette Feliz dressed up as Carmella Soprano for Halloween
Harriette Feliz dressed up as Carmella Soprano for Halloween ( Source : instagram )

Harriette Is A Producer of Breakdown

According to her IMDB profile, Harriette Feliz is the producer of the short film Breakdown, which was released in 2020.

She has also acted in the television series People Magazine Investigates; she appeared in an episode as Janelle Cruz in 2017.

As per her actor profile in Backstage, she has been part of several theater performances. The characters she played include Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde, The Musical, Arielite in The Tempest, Hadley Hemingway in A Moveable Feast, Lamia in Neverwhere, Luisa in The Fantastiks! and many more.

Apart from acting, she is also a singer, and her vocal technique is soprano/belt. She took vocal lessons from Denise Dumeyer, Kate Myre, and Callum Morris.

Harriette Feliz practicing her role for The Tempest
Harriette Feliz practicing her role for The Tempest ( Source : instagram )

She Celebrates Her Birthday On March 19

Harriette Feliz was born on March 19 and her age is around 30 years old, as revealed by her fiance Riley on his Instagram.

On the occasion of her birthday, her fiance, Riley, posted a picture of them together on Instagram, and alongside the photo, he wrote a sweet message to her.

Feliz comes from Sherman Oaks, California, and she is ethnically ambiguous.

Throughout her career, she has developed several skills, such as stage combat, basic horseback riding skills, puppeteering, dance, and vocals. Her height is 5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm).

She has an Instagram account under the handle @harriettedfelizo, and she has 617 followers on the platform.

Harriette Feliz and her partner Riley Shanahan enjoying their time together at Utah Shakespeare Festival
Harriette Feliz and her partner Riley Shanahan enjoying their time together at Utah Shakespeare Festival ( Source : instagram )

Riley and Harriette on Instagram

Riley Shanahan and his future wife, Harriette Feliz, have been in a relationship for more than eight years.

The pair are seen sharing pictures of themselves together on their respective Instagram accounts.

The couple announced their engagement with a polaroid picture of them on Instagram on November 19, 2021. They got engaged after dating for eight years, and it has been a year since their engagement. They have not shared any news about the upcoming wedding.

Riley and Harriette went to the same college for their undergraduate studies.

The pair are seen sharing cute moments of themselves on the platform, and Harriette is seen spending time with Riley's family. She has been featured in pictures posted by Riley's mother and siblings.

Harriette Feliz and Riley Shanahan celebrating their engagement
Harriette Feliz and Riley Shanahan celebrating their engagement ( Source : instagram )

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