Gilbert Chikli Wife Shirly Chikli Is A Professional DJ

The Masked Scammer Gilbert Chikli
The Masked Scammer Gilbert Chikli( Source : the-sun )

Shirly Chikli is Gilbert Chikli wife featured at the end of the Netfix documentary "The Masked Scammer."

Netflix released a documentary called The Masked Scammer about a man named Gilbert Chikli who scammed several French elites. 

While he was growing up, his family's financial situation was poor, and he was aware of it. As a kid, he was hyperactive, drove his father crazy. His brother Thierry mentioned in the documentary that their father would tie him in chains.

Gilbert was always close to his mother, and she told him to never underestimate anyone, even those he was trying to dupe. His brother also revealed that Gilbert was persuasive from a young age.

He utilized his art of persuasion by talking to people on the phone and making them believe he was a certain person. It is known that he was able to earn more than 10 million euros from the scam.

His schemes appeared to be something only seen in movies, but it appears that such things do occur in real life. 

Who Is Shirly Chikli?

Shirly Chikli is a 37-year-old DJ and the wife of The Masked Scammer Gilbert Chikli.

In the documentary, The Masked Scammer, we are introduced to people related to Gilbert, one of them being his wife Shirly. At the end of the documentary, it is mentioned that she is a DJ by profession and has been traveling around the world; her age is around 37 years.

As people say, "love is something we cannot control." We do not know when and how we might fall in love with someone. The same thing happened with Shirly when she fell in love with Gilbert, even though she knew who he was and loved him immensely.

We get to see a glimpse of her love for him in the Netflix documentary, where she shares her time and love for her husband, and despite his reputation, she saw the man she loved, not the masked scammer.

Shirly met her husband in Israel; the pair met outside a store where they bumped into each other. Gilbert had asked her to read what was written in the Hebrew newspaper. The said article was about Gilbert, and Shirly had a hunch that the man in front of her was the infamous Gilbert Chikli.

Their casual meeting eventually turned into a romantic one, and after eleven months of learning about each other, they got married. She felt happy marrying the love of her life, and Gilbert made her feel loved and appreciated and fulfilled all her needs.

Her affection for her husband grew stronger, and she stated that even though she knew about his reputation, she didn't care. She described his action as that of Robin Hood, as he stole from the rich.

Gilbert Chikli with his wife Shirly
Gilbert Chikli with his wife Shirly ( Source : timesofisrael )

She Is The Mother Of Their Two Kids

They raised their family and became parents to two of their children over time. They were living their family life until the day when Gilbert was caught in Ukraine, and this time it was for real and there was no escaping.

Hearing the news of her husband's death, Shirly was devastated; she went to visit him on a regular basis and made sure that he had everything he needed. In the documentary, we see her delivering several food items, drinks, and a refrigerator.

Despite her feelings for her husband, she decided to divorce; she filed for divorce after his conviction. It is known that Gilbert began an online relationship with another woman while he was behind bars. They were together for 15 years before it all came to an end.

Her first name is similar to someone who was close to her husband and with whom he started his infamous scams.

There Were Two Shirly's In Gilbert Chikli's Life

The masked scammer had two women in his life whose names were Shirly. The documentary introduces both of them; we know one was his wife and the other was his accomplice when he started the scams.

In the documentary, they were presented as Shirley 1 and Shirly 2 so that people would not get confused because they have similar names.

Gilbert and his accomplice Shirley Vacaint first met each other in 1995 while driving around Paris, but during traffic, she locked eyes with Chikli, and simply that interaction had created a spark between them.

When they began talking, they hit it off quickly as they had a similar passion for money. In the documentary, she stated that she was always in luxury, but that was not the case for Gilbert, and Shirley believes that it was the reason they clicked. "The rich kid and the bad boy," she added.

Before she met Chikli, she worked for advertising companies that deliberately promoted false claims; she never minded as it paid her well. In The Masked Scammer, she revealed that she was the mastermind behind the 2005–2006 bank CEO hoaxes.

She mentioned that when Gilbert and she were in her house, they saw the London attacks on television, and she thought of creating a scam by playing on people's fears and pretending to be a counterterrorism agent.

Gilbert Chikli with his accomplice Shirley Vacaint
Gilbert Chikli with his accomplice Shirley Vacaint ( Source : thecinemaholic )

Their plan worked, and they scammed several people, but a year later, their plan backfired when the authorities tracked down the number that was used to make the calls. The people learned about their identities and scams.

She tried to save Gilbert at first, but she stopped realizing that he would not do the same for her. It is known that Gilbert and Shirley were romantically involved with each other and also had a deep bond.

Shirley also expressed her feelings during her interview for the documentary; she mentioned that they were good together, it was true love, and they could have been together enjoying another life. Being attached to someone, however, does not result in a good outcome in scamming.

She revealed that Gilbert cut ties with her.

Where Is Gilbert Chikli Today?

The last time the masked scammer Gilbert Chikli was on the news was in March 2020, when he and his accomplice were sentenced to 11 years behind bars, The Guardian reports.

He was also fined €2 million; despite being caught, he still denied his actions and screamed that it was a scandal. He was known to impersonate the then-French Minister of Defense, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

He and his accomplice also conned several French elites for millions of dollars. There has been no news about Chikli because he is currently incarcerated. 

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