Hallmark Movie "When I Think of Christmas" Cast and Character Guide

Niall Matter and Shenae Grimes-Beech Starring in the Hallmark original movie 'When I Think of Christmas'
Niall Matter and Shenae Grimes-Beech Starring in the Hallmark original movie 'When I Think of Christmas'( Source : hallmarkchannel )

Hallmark has come up with a new movie, "When I Think of Christmas", and the major cast includes Shenae Grimes-Beech, Niall Matter, Beth Broderick, and Michelle Creber. 

It is directed by Peter Benson. The writers include Blythe Robe and Mike Robe. The movie follows the story of a woman named Sara Thompson who returns to her hometown to see her mother but gets surprised when she found her ex-boyfriend Josh has returned back home.

Two of them had once planned for a life together in music but unfortunately, Sara had to leave the plan for her studies. After the reunion, they try to heal their old and new wounds through a bold plan of the Christmas concert that will help them fulfill their musical dream and make the holiday unforgettable. She has a really impressive resume.

She has worked amazing roles in various TV series includes; “Sabrina the Teen-aged Witch” with Melissa Joan Hart, “The Five Mrs. Buchanan’s” with acclaimed actress Judith Ivey who remains a cherished friend, as well as “Hearts Afire” with John Ritter and Billy Bob Thornton. 

When I Think Christmas Cast

1. Shenae Grimes-Beech as Sara Thompson

Shenae Grimes-Beech Starring as Sara
Shenae Grimes-Beech Starring as Sara ( Source : insider )

Lead character Sara Thompson is portrayed by actress Shenae Gries-Beech in the Hallmark movie 'When I think of Christmas.'

Who is Sara Thompson?

Sara is a student of law who has left her lover and passion for the music behind and chosen to go to college instead. After many years she comes back home for Christmas, where she reconnects with her past love. The plot goes around the character's passion for music alongside her ex-boyfriend which is connected with the Christmas theme in the movie.

What else has Shenae Gries-Beech been in?

Besides the movie, Shenae Gries-Beech is an actress, YouTuber, and social media celebrity from Canada. She is best known for her fabulous work in the drama show 'The Detail' as Jacqueline Cooper. She made her debut in the drama movie 'The cross road' as Bridget in 2008. She has also worked in other popular television series such as Degrassi: The Next Generation as Darcy Edward, and 90210 as Annie Wilson.

Grimes-Beech grew up in Toronto and went to Forest Hill Collegiate Institute to complete her graduation in fashion. She got the chance to continue her passion for fashion while working as a co-anchor at 'POPSUGAR Now'.

She owns her own youtube channel where she shares her fashion, lifestyle, makeup, hair, and travel vlogs. She has also made a guest appearance on tv series, has done solo films, and made her cameo performance in 'Scream 4'. Grimes-Beech won an international film festival award for the best ensemble cast in 2008.

2. Niall Matter as Josh Hartman

Niall Matter as Josh Hartman in 'When I think of Christmas'
Niall Matter as Josh Hartman in 'When I think of Christmas' ( Source : themoviedb )

Niall Matter is playing the lead role of Josh Hartman in the Hallmark original movie 'When I think of Christmas'.

Who is Josh Hartman?

Josh Hartman is the ex-boyfriend of Sara, who had a conflict many years ago. Josh was upset with Sara because she left him alone and ghosted him when they had a showcase lineup in Nashville. They were together for three years dreaming about their future, and suddenly they separated. The story is about the reunion of two lovers during the holiday season.

What else has Niall Matter been in?

Niall Matter is a Canadian-American based actor known for his work in different drama series. He is originally from a small town in Canada, Alberta. Initially, he followed the footsteps of his ancestors and worked on oil rigs before making his career as an actor. His career began in the television and film industry only after he signed a TV series called 'The Best Years' to play the character of Trent Hamilton in 2007. 

He is best known for his role on Sysy's series 'Eureka' as Zane Donovan.  The science fiction comedy was the biggest hit in his career. He has worked on both American and Canadian movies creating a good balance between both industries.

He has recently worked in the Hallmark movies as well, which did really well. He had played a very recognizable supporting role in The Predator, standing opposite the award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown.

Niall won the Constellation award for the best performance male in  2013. after a few years, he was also awarded a Leo award for 'Forzen in Love'.

3. Beth Broderick as Anna

Beth Broderick as Anna in 'When I think of Christmas'
Beth Broderick as Anna in 'When I think of Christmas' ( Source : imdb )

Beth Broderick will appear on 'When I think of Christmas' as Anna. 

Who is Anna?

Anna is the mother of Sara Thompson. Her daughter is visiting her for Christmas after so long. She is gonna be giving Sara some advice for her love life. She plays an important role in the movie.

What else has Beth Broderick been in?

Beth Broderick is a popular American actress who has contributed to many blockbuster movies. 

She has started her acting career in 1983. Since then she has been involved and appeared in many films. She also works as a freelance writer and editor for many publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC. She has founded a blog that focuses on tips and advice writing called The Creative Writer.

Besides her career in acting, she has been great in journalism as well and has worked for companies like AOL, The Onion, and Nickelodeon. She has a really impressive resume.

She has worked in amazing roles in various TV series that include; Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, The Five Mrs. Buchanan, and Hearts Afire. She has also played the role of a newspaper editor opposite Brad Pitt  in a series named 'Glory Days.'

4. Michelle Creber as Lynette

Michelle Creber as Lynette in 'When I think of Christmas'
Michelle Creber as Lynette in 'When I think of Christmas' ( Source : mlp )

Michelle Creber will appear in the Hallmark movie 'When I think of Christmas as Lynette.

Who is Lynette?

Lynette plays a very significant role in the Christmas-themed movie.

What else has Michelle Creber been in?

Michelle Creber is an actress and singer born in Canada. She is best known for her voice in the TV series called 'My Little Pony Friendship magic' of Apple Bloom. 

Michelle belongs to a family with a strong background in music. Her mother is a vocalist and her father is a Jazz producer. She was the only one when she first came up to the stage with her parents. Since then she has appeared in several movies, TV shows, music, and many animation projects as well.

Besides movies and series, she has a very impressive background in music. She has released numerous music CDs.

Other Casts include:

  • Peter Benson as Christmas Rapper
  • Daniel Bacon as Mayor 
  • Alistair Abell as Uncle Ted 
  • Tara Pratt as Imogene
  • Bobby Stewart as Mr. Clarkson 
  • Remy Marthaller as Little girl contestant
  • Jana Benoit as Brooke
  • Jocelyn Gauthier as Caitlin Brooks
  • Sofia Hodsoni as Eillie 
  • Maria Yanagisawa as Becca

When I Think of Christmas Release Date

'When I Think of Christmas' is released on the 20th of November, 2022 exclusively on Hallmark channel. It officially premiers at 8 pm Eastern and  7 pm central.

The movie was produced by Seasonal Road Productions Limited under the management of Genessa Davis and Allen Lewis.

Filming Locations and Trailer

The movie When I think of Christmas' was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was shot under Front Street Pictures located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The trailer clearly explains the Christmas theme in the movie. It focuses on the major characters and their past conflicts which are to be resolved this Christmas.

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