Who Owns Chippendales Now? HULU Series Focuses on Its Founder Story

Chippendales, first founded by Steve Banerjee
Chippendales, first founded by Steve Banerjee( Source : stylecaster )

Chippendales is a dance troupe founded in 1979 known for its male striptease performances and is now owned by Kevin Denberg.

Chippendales was the first male stripping dance troupe, primarily for the female audience. The dancers' upper body costume is a bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs. 

It has helped legitimize stripping as a form of entertainment through the quality of staging and choreography. It is a theatre group of erotic purposes performing mainly in New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The Chippendales perform in million-dollar theatres at luxurious hotels. In Las Vegas, a ten-million-dollar theatre and lounge were explicitly organized for them at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

Chippendales has been an inspiration to the audience. A comedy film called The Full Monty portrays a striptease group inspired by the Chippendales in 1997. The story of Chippendales has also been subjected to several episodes of the true crime series on Hulu.  

Who Owns Chippendales Now?

Kevin Denberg and several other investors are the new owners of the Chippendales, the most voluptuous live show in the world.

Previously, the Chippendales was founded by Somen Steve Banerjee, an Indian. In 1979, Banerjee renamed the group 'Chippendales' while before, it was named 'Destiny II.' Banerjee faced a massive loss in his share of Chippendales, leading him to a plea agreement that could be 26 years in prison. Before the sentence was announced, Banerjee hanged himself early on October 23, 1994.

Despite Banerjee pleading guilty, the brand Chippendales was still alive and went to his wife during their divorce. Later, she sold the brand for $2.5 million. According to The New Yorker, Lou Pearlman purchased the brand before being charged with fraud. 

Chippendales came into the hands of Kevin Denberg, traveling around the country and landed in Las Vegas. The Chippendales were still performing on domestic and international tours, though they had closed their New York location. Kevin Denberg and his team renovate the brand and garner the attention of the women of Generation Youth. 

Kevin Denberg, current founder of Chippendales with his wife at Las Vegas
Kevin Denberg, current founder of Chippendales with his wife at Las Vegas ( Source : gettyimages )

Where Is Steve Banerjee's Son Christian Banerjee?

Christian Banerjee, a 31-year-old youth who is the son of Steve Banerjee, is now a stripper. 

Christian Banerjee worked for one of the largest male stripping franchises in the United States. Also, he worked freelance as a dancer and planned to form his male revue, Strippendales. In early 2020, he launched Strippendales, according to New York Post. Christian has immense talent, unlike his father, who was on the business side.

Christian Banerjee is ready for his striptease close-up
Christian Banerjee is ready for his striptease close-up ( Source : nypost )

In an interview, Christian confirms that he had a tangible connection to his late father. Then, he hopes Strippendales will have the same international fame as Chippendales. Christian also expresses his relationship with his dad. Even though he was not alive, Christian felt his dad wanted to push him in this direction. Now he would like to continue the legacy.

Chippendales Net Worth 2022

According to Entrepreneur, Chippendales will generate $5 million to $25 million in revenue annually as of 2022.

Before, they were making a profit of $25 thousand every week and could do more than $8 million in revenue. However, Steve Banerjee's later downfall shrunk the revenues tremendously, eventually leading to zero after his jail charges.

After Kevin Denberg took over the brand and renovated the staging and choreography, taking it to international branding, the tickets ranged from $49.95 to $149.95. The Sun City show completes with a $10 million custom complex.

Chippendales experience world tours in over 25 countries; thus, the brand is a million-dollar show with annual revenue between $5 million and $25 million.

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